Meet Australian Athlete Christine...

The lady who urged me to put this concept to paper... Mireille Ryan, the CEO of the Social Media and Marketing Institute

Fellow Practitioner and Australia's #1 for Non-Verbal Communication, Gillian Maddigan.

And #1 for Athletes when it comes to social media and markting  game plans, Pretsel Morar.

Here are some more very powerful endoresments for The Dear Dairy Process...

I would love to have yours here to.

“Dear have helped me to manifest my dreams and goals in all aspects of my life. When I go to sleep at night, I am filled with confidence that the day ahead will be exactly as it needs to be for me to achieve all I have set out. I have created the right headspace to overcome challenges that are presented to me with an understanding that they are, in fact, important and necessary experiences that also contribute to my desired outcome
I consider my time spent focusing on my daily diary entries to be the time I spend tending to my 'life's garden'. It is the time I take to plant the seeds in my sub conscious. A seed for each desire, outcome, goal or dream. To water these seeds, tend to them as they grow and protect them from being damaged. My time to just be quiet and relax and take in the beauty of my garden as it grows, as it blossoms and as it becomes magnificent. I have achieved an amazing body transformation, overcome post traumatic stress, am able to maintain an intense and consistent focus on my personal goals while working on multiple business projects. The Dead Diary Process is a powerful tool that has given me the focus to be in this space regularly, to be always present and in charge of my destiny”.

Tricia Griffin

“I have been an advocate of the Law of Attraction since being introduced to The Secret a few years ago. I know that some things were missing from the way they described how to create your life, from my own experience and reading further into this universal law.

The Dear Diary Process brings all the steps of manifesting things and creating your life together in one very easy process, especially all the missing steps, for the greatest chance of success in making things happen!

I have used the Dear Diary Process for several years now, and I could say that I am constantly surprised by the number of things that I can create using this process, but I'm not really surprised anymore! I know this process works, because it works on a daily basis for me!

The Dear Diary Process is so ingeniously simple, very accurate and it works! I have manifested many great things in my life, including:

  • fine weather encircling me all day when I was moving house, while the rest of Brisbane suffered with 200mm of rain on that day and flooding too,
  • having a comfortable and easy job interview, being confident, and getting the job offer on the same day!
  • having fun and successful days with my kids,
  • being confident and at ease on a date, and this leading to a new relationship,
  • being relaxed and confident in college exams and easily able to recall all information I've studied for the exams, so that I've always got more than 92% for any subject,
  • being relaxed and confident in delivering speeches as a new member of Toastmasters,
  • and many more!

The Dear Diary Process is much more than a manifestation tool, as it also enables you to be in a happy and positive frame of mind for all of the day (as you already know how things are going to turn out), and to be grateful for what you do have in your life, which in turn enables more good things to come to you. It also makes you really think about the words you use in everyday conversation, as you do have to be more aware of what you say or ask for, so that you really manifest the things you really did ask for!

Just imagine what the world could achieve if we all used the Dear Diary Process!"

Ross W.


“The Dear Diary, wow isn’t it great that Stuart has been able to take years of professional coaching experience and put together a very simple yet so effective message and process into an easy every day proactive thing that anybody can do.

As a great believer in development through reading (Having read over 500 books on self-help, motivational, personal growth) And teaching through them to over 500,000 people across 4 countries in the last 25 years, it is so exciting to see that this book and system takes all the Laws of success and all the teachings about our thinking and gives it to us all in a way that lives can be changed so dramatically In a short period of time.

Boy I would have loved to of have this book 30 years ago, it would of replaced the years of trying achieve the magic of thinking big, and brought out the giant within so much quicker.

Thanks Stuart, for bringing into the world, the wisdom and application of hundreds of books and self-help systems all in one.

You are a champion , for developing other champions.  Aint it great to be alive".

Marty Morris.

"I first met Stuart in January 2013 and he introduced me to the life changing tool known as 'The Dear Diary Process'. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 3 years and were undergoing intense fertility treatment which was emotionally, physically and financially taxing. By March 2013, only 3 month's after first meeting Stuart, I was pregnant!

After my first session with Stuart I started using 'The Dear Diary Process'. For so long I had been self-sabotaging my chances of having a baby and living a fulfilling life. As a means of self-protection I would say to myself, "I'm not pregnant, it didn't work this time" just to avoid disappointment. 'The Dear Diary Process' gave me a safe, simple and effective means of indulging and exploring what a happy and content existence would look like. Every night I would write about what the next day would be like, allowing me to set the agenda beforehand so that I could go to sleep peacefully knowing that I will have a good day. I knew that my body and mind would work together in harmonious unison to create a healthy baby.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I was absolutely ecstatic, but then anxiety would creep in and try and sabotage my happiness. So diligently every single night I would continue to write in my diary to keep the anxiety at bay. I now have a 6 month old healthy baby boy, and I have Stuart to thank for helping me achieve my ultimate goal."


"The Dear Diary process is one of the most amazing rituals I have placed in my life. I have been doing it consistently for around the last 3 years and it has without a doubt transformed my life. What it seems to do is control my focus for the next day thus creating what I want to create. Phenomenal for controlling my emotional states for the day and just have magic happen so to speak. Again can’t thank Stuart enough for creating and introducing me to this process. "

Alex Huang

"The Dear Diary Process pulls together all strategies for creating your life you want. We are powerful creators and the Dear Diary process is an effective transformation tool for creating wanted results with your mind and heart. Is simple to do, exciting to do and I look forward to it every night…it is your creation time where your mind goes to work for you while you sleep to create more of what you want, the next day and the next. As a bonus the Dear Diary process has a compounding effect, life just gets better the longer you use it".

Allanah Bahnsen
The Love Angel
Creator, Mentor
Psychic, Therapist
Host of Heart Space