The brain is incredibly power and also incredibly stupid!



Our brains only have one job to do! Keep you alive! Yes… your mind is ‘protecting you’ from potential hurt of harm, physically or emotionally.


If you think… really? Do you get nervous and have fears, do you self sabotage, do you procrastinate and do you lack motivation? This is all the work of the unconscious mind.


If you do nothing about this, over time, 


All these behaviours will increase in intensity. Where is that going to put you in 3 years from now?


The great thing is that the process I created, The Dear Diary Process, allows you to apply all the knowledge you have at the same time it changes your attitude, your thoughts, your outcomes and all of this while you are sleeping.



In this Dear Dairy Process, I use the basic fundamentals of the conscious and unconscious human mind as I have researched over the last 11 years. In my professional practice and with the 2500+ clients over that time I notice we all have the same basic responses and reasons why we do things. (All these fundamentals are outlined in the workbook I have supplied for you)


So how does The Dear Diary Process work while you are sleeping? as you are sleeping, your mind is always in action, generally processing experiences and emotions from past experiences. It needs to do this before it had ‘learnt from that’ and then that experience is turned into a positive resource that you can draw on to use as a ‘tool’ to help create the future.


Neuro plasticity is the science behind how the brain re-wires itself according to your thoughts. So even if you do not use this Dear Diary Process… your brain is doing it anyway! So you may as well have your mind working for you rather than against you.


On the 17th March 2010 a professional golfer came to me for a consultation and within 10 minutes he made a comment, that comment opened up the creative flow and a thought happened. This thought just built and built into an idea and as I was just speaking ‘The Dear Diary Process’ was born.


And the results… from the actual golfer (that's him on the right!)

“Every time I use the Dear Diary Process I am startled by the results and I’m sure you will be too” Nick Cullen, Professional Golfer.


This process will take you only a few hours to read, then it is just applying this into your ‘world’


So why is this any different to a ‘Gratitude Journal?’ simply, a gratitude journal allows you to be grateful for what you have, The Dear Dairy Process allows you to be grateful for what you don’t have yet… therefore attracting it to you.


So is this like the law of attraction? Yes and No! the Law of attraction needs action! If you have a fear holding you back, the law of attraction is creating what you are focused on… the fear and will keep you from fear by lack of action!


The Dear Diary Process is different as it is the process that allows you to change your thoughts and actions to allow the law of attraction to work for you not against you.



Results from This process still blow my mind…  and I created the process and wrote the book!



You may be thinking this is all good but why are you giving it away? Because I have committed to my dream this year for massive success in my life.

To do this I need the exposure and to get that, I need something to open the doors. A few $ from a book is not going to have me achieve my level of dreams…

When you start to experience the results. All I ask is for you to talk about it and share it.

There is no catch… I want to reach as many people in the world as I can, for my this was an intuitive idea. The results are awesome so I want to have my son grow up in a world where people dream big, take action, celebrate their success and the success of others!

I am passionate about reaching 7.5 Billion people, yes! I know the power of this process to change thoughts which change actions and change outcomes.

It is your imagination and need that creates thoughts, thoughts create action and action creates outcomes. So if your current results are not what you imagine… start imagining differently and bigger and the results will change.


Over 62,500 self development books exist on Amazon, all telling you WHAT to do! Change the way you think, aim higher, visualise and just do it. Unfortunately if your mind is in protection mode then you are not going to be able to change until you have an extreme need that requires a dramatic shift. The Dear Diary Process is the one book, the one process that applies the knowledge in these books.


Here is an example of all the knowledge and how powerful  The Dear Diary Process is.


“The Dear Diary Process, wow isn’t it great that Stuart has been able to take years of professional coaching experience and put together a very simple yet so effective message and process into an easy every day proactive thing that anybody can do.

As a great believer in development through reading (Having read over 500 books on self-help, motivational, personal growth) And teaching through them to over 500,000 people across 4 countries in the last 25 years, it is so exciting to see that this book and system takes all the Laws of success and all the teachings about our thinking and gives it to us all in a way that lives can be changed so dramatically in a short period of time”. Marty Morris, CEO Entamico Enterprises


The Dear Diary Process works within your ‘model of the world’ your values, your beliefs, your morals and your existing life. Your Success is yours and no one can tell you that is right or wrong.

This is the 1 process where you can create the ultimate life and transform yourself into this… as you sleep.

If you don’t think The Dear Diary Process is for you, that is your decision. All I ask is to share this with other people as this may be the answer they want.

Again thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for sharing this page on your social media.

Enjoy the process and love the results.


Thanks and be Awesome!


Stuart Walter

Creator and Author of

The Dear Diary Process