"You are what you choose to believe you can be,"



The Athlete's Secret Weapon, the choice of 32 World Champions
Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.
Regarded as Australia’s No. 1 for Sports Hypnotherapy
Published Author of ‘The Dear Diary Process’ 
Creator of the ‘Meta 4 Kids’ program 
International Speaker 
Regular on TV, Radio and in the media
Stuart Walter is the Managing Director of 'The Athlete's Secret Weapon, a professionally trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner,  world leading specialist in elite sports and business performance, working with people to maximise performance and attitude. His clients include National, Commonwealth and 32 World Champions.
Within the walls of his professional offices in Brisbane, Australia, many lives have been transformed forever by releasing their potential.
Once blockages, doubts, fears, beliefs and old habits that are restricting people are removed, life becomes awesome.
Just imagine… 
A couple having a baby after being told for 9 years it is not possible.
An elite athlete achieving their dreams of a National or World Title.
The parent whose child stops wetting the bed after reading them a story.
A business owner whose team and companies are aligned and moving towards one common goal through group workshops.
A person being diagnosed with depression, now waking up smiling and loving a new direction in life.
A 47kg reduction in weight in 16 months and running the Gold Coast Half Marathon.
These are all real examples of the life changing experiences that occur every day in Stuart's office and as part of his unique programs.
On the 17th March 2010, a professional golfer Stuart was working with, made a comment, that comment ‘I write in my diary every night’ created a thought, that thought became a process, a document and now a published book ‘The Dear Diary Process’. 
The greatest satisfaction Stuart experiences in his work, is in seeing the enormous growth and development that occurs when children are provided with the opportunity to release the endless potential and abilities that lie within themselves. Having been around hypnotherapy and natural therapies all of his life (both his parents were practitioners), Stuart knows the abilities we all have within us... and how to access them!
As a professional speaker, Stuart presents regular seminars and boardroom workshops and loves sharing his knowledge and experience gained through thousands of clients over the years. This is from one Director in a corporate team who Stuart worked with… 

"I found that our group session with Stuart was not only educational and empowering and extremely fun also, it was nothing like I had expected. I thought our whole team was going to be put into some kind of trance and become zombies for the majority of the session however this did not occur to my surprise. I was up for anything due to all the positive feedback I had heard about Stuart and the elite athletes and business people he works with. Stuart is not only extremely knowledgeable and talented at what he does, he is also very friendly and humble". Magdalene Drossos

Creating champions is in Stuart's blood and we are pleased to be able to share this passion and his abilities with you in creating the path in life for the champion within you.